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What You'll Eat

Our low-GI based program centers on food quality, because wholesome food produces lean, energetic people. Controlling the GI of your foods promotes normal blood-sugar levels and enables the body to stay in a fat-burning mode. By changing your diet with TLS you will feel energized, alert and productive.


Menu Plans

Another feature we offer is customized eating plans. These plans use your Weight Loss Profile to determine the best plan of action for your weight loss journey. We offer a number of different plans, such as the Rapid Results plan, which is best for those who want to lose weight, fast. It also features the Sure & Steady plan, ideal for those wanting to make gradual lifestyle changes to reach their goals.

Apart from our menu plans, we also supply useful how-to guides for healthy eating, shopping smart, dining out, making grocery lists and more. Find fresh tips and ideas for cooking and snacking daily.

Meal Planning Success

Find a meal plan that works for you

Our comprehensive dietary educational program is customized by you to ensure a perfect fit for your unique lifestyle. With a wide variety of food options, you’ll never be at a loss for ideas or selection. The only thing you’ll be losing is pounds. We even supply printable grocery lists to help you successfully navigate the grocery aisles, avoiding those fatty crisps.

Meal Plans

After taking your free Weight Loss Profile, we will provide you with a menu plan suited to your goals and lifestyle. Alternatively, you can choose your own plan. The options available are 7 Day Detox, Fat Shredder, Rapid Results, Sure & Steady and Continued Commitment.

7-Day Detox

Fruit And Vegetable Cleanse

You’re looking for a kick-start to receive the maximum benefit from TLS. This 7 Day Detox will curb your cravings for sweet, fatty and salty foods while supporting your weight loss efforts.

Fat Shredder

Lose 10 Pounds In 2 Weeks

You need a plan that matches your extreme commitment to achieving swift weight loss. This intensive plan will accelerate your weight loss efforts, and ultimately you’ll feel better, both physically and emotionally.

Rapid Results

Lose up to 2-3 pounds per week

You’re motivated, dedicated and committed to doing whatever it takes to reach your weight loss goals. Get ready to break unhealthy habits and start losing fat and inches.

Sure & Steady

Lose 1 - 2 Pounds Per Week

You’re looking to make gradual changes to your lifestyle. You want to achieve your goal weight in a steady and paced manner, to best adapt to your lifestyle.

Continued Commitment

A Guide To Healthy Everyday Living

You’re at your target weight and seeking a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You want to focus on maintaining optimal body composition, but still want some flexibility.

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