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Traditional diets focus solely on the number on the scale, and more of the weight reduction you experience often comes from water and muscle loss. TLS Weight Loss Solution, however, focuses on loss of body fat. TLS Weight Loss Solution emphasizes achieving healthy body composition by increasing the ratio of muscle to fat, because muscle dictates metabolism. To obtain a healthy body composition, TLS Weight Loss Solution emphasizes the importance of combining low-glycemic eating with exercise.

For any weight loss program to succeed, change must occur. Change usually requires you to overcome fear. Once you do, your life changes for the better. TLS Weight Loss Solution makes it a point to address this very important aspect of success to ensure past mistakes are not repeated. Small, manageable changes lead to long-lasting results.

TLS Weight Loss Solution provides scientifically developed weight management supplements designed to support your weight loss efforts. Each formula addresses different processes in your body that cause you to gain weight or hinder your weight loss efforts.** TLS supplements are designed to work synergistically, and will recommend a custom regimen based on a brief questionnaire to maximize your success with TLS Weight Loss Solution.


Our goal at TLS is to condition your body both internally and externally. Our exercise program focuses on the loss of body fat and inches — with an emphasis on obtaining healthy body composition to increase the amount of muscle versus fat (because muscle dictates metabolism).

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