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!.HAITI… JE M’ENGAGE.! - !.AYITI… MWEN DESIDE’M. ! is seeking  for  two Policy writers.

Job Description:

Policy writers compose, maintain, and clarify the policies and procedures of the company, organization, or corporation for which they work. Often assigned with the task of writing a policy manual, as well as the procedures by which to introduce such changes to the manual,


Written policy must be simple and clear, so that it can be easily understood by every employee. Policy must also be comprehensive and able to address questions or situations that may arise. Such work requires that policy writers be aware of these potential situations or questions at every level of the company or corporation's work. Maintaining policy manuals requires that policy writers keep accurate files. All updates, revisions, and deletions must be recorded and easily accessible.

 In relevance to PCMH 2014 (Patient Centered Medical Home) Program:

 The practices must have written policies for certain measures. These policies are already composed and need to me tailored/edited to the specific needs of the practice. Therefore the provided template will be used as a base to compose the policies for each individual practice.

At the start of the program a questionnaire will be conducted to gather important detail regarding how the practice currently functions. From there the consultant will provide feedback regarding what structural and workflow changes would be most beneficial to the practice. These protocols will be captured in the most vague way possible in the policies that the policy writer will compose.

 Training will include:

 -Basic understanding of the PCMH Program and the requirement of written policies and procedures

 -Viewing and explanation of questionnaire

 -Viewing of sample template for policies and procedures relevant to the PCMH 2014 program

 -Viewing of completed policy for a current client engaged in 2014 PCMH program.

 -Provided with necessary materials to complete the task.

 -Please feel free to contact  for any questions, comments, or concerns.

  • Interested students should submit their resume at the office of  !.Haiti… Je m’engage.! (#20, rue 7 Babiole, P-au-P, Haiti)

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