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The construction of multifamily housing requires unique knowledge of safety and construction codes. This knowledge is gaining more importance in Maryland as the availability of land decreases. Understanding this, the owners of D&S Drywall, Inc. have positioned themselves for future growth and success in the area's residential construction industry and have become the largest firewall company in the mid-east region.

Don Irwin and Scott Dawson met at a job site in March 1992. Both came to the site with years of firewall experience and strong referrals from previous employers. After spending some time working together, the two men were approached by a builder who wanted to hire them as independent subcontractors. The decision to incorporate as D&S Drywall, Inc. took little contemplation as the two men had business and workmanship philosophies that complemented one another. The company's history begins with their technical expertise, but has a bright future because of their dedication to their customers.

With job sites in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia, Don Irwin and Scott Dawson are determined to change the image of drywall subcontractors in the residential construction industry. What started as a two-man operation has grown to 25 full-time employees. Every employee at D&S Drywall, Inc. buys into our mission statement and goals and represents us on the jobsite. In the competitive residential construction markets in the Baltimore/Washington corridor, there are ample drywall employees, but a handful stand out because of their professionalism and dedication. In order to attract this caliber of employee, the company offers employee benefits that stand out in the industry. Each D&S Drywall, Inc. employee is eligible for health insurance and a matching 401k program. The company retention rate is a strong indicator of their commitment to their employees and is but one of the reasons for their success.

The owners of D&S Drywall, Inc. are equally committed to their community. "We are fortunate to be in a position to help other people." As such, the company is generous with both their resources and their time. In addition to being very active in the Maryland Home Builders Association by serving on the events committee and sponsoring numerous events, they have donated their time and services to benefit cystic fibrosis research, The Lighthouse Christian Academy, SARCS a resource for battered women, Special Olympics, and local youth sports and Boy Scout packs. Their latest endeavor is the St. Casmir project led by Believe in Tomorrow National Children's Foundation. This new project will meet the long-term residential needs of pediatric patients and their families who are undergoing lengthy medical procedures in the Baltimore area.

Scott Dawson and Don Irwin envisioned a company that would become a vital asset to multifamily builders. Working with builders of various sizes, each client is equally important to the D&S Drywall, Inc. team. "We are honored to work with the best builders in the industry, and treat each one with the service and quality that they deserve." In order to ensure that this service and quality remains strong as the company grows, the owners have developed a business plan that requires training of current employees, in-depth evaluation of potential employees, and a strong business methodology. "We become part of each builder's team, and each team deserves the best that D&S Drywall, Inc. has to offer. That will never change.

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