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Bennett Mineral Company’s cat litter and feed supplements are made from Fuller’s Earth, a highly absorbent, diatomaceous clay. Our products are manufactured using a Bio-Energy Process where sawdust is burned as fuel. This method saves millions of gallons of imported fossil fuels. Coupled with our award-winning Reclamation Program for previously mined land parcels, Bennett Mineral Company places the environment and the community in high regard. Family owned and operated since 1981, Bennett Mineral Company prides itself on quality products and a strong history of customer satisfaction. Rely on us for your cat litter and animal feed supplement needs!

What sets us apart

Soft Paw cat litter is made from a super-absorbent, diatomaceous clay called Fuller’s Earth. An extensive deposit of Fuller’s Earth near Walkerton, Virginia was discovered by the Bennett Family of geologists in the early 1980s. Fourteen million years ago, the area had been the bottom of a Miocene sea where clay, carried out to sea by mighty ancient rivers, combined with microscopic diatom skeletons, dropped to the ocean floor, and formed thick layers of clay.

Typically, gradual changes in sea level brought such deposits to the surface where most were re-eroded and destroyed. But, near Walkerton, an ideally situated deposit was found and developed by Bennett Mineral Company in 1980. Because of its very unique combination of diatoms and montmorillonite clay, this deposit yields an exceptionally absorbent cat litter with superior odor absorbent properties. Furthermore, the product is manufactured using our exclusive Bio-Energy Process which uses sawdust as fuel. This saves millions of gallons of otherwise imported fuel, produces no pollutants to the atmosphere, and confers upon Bennett Mineral Company a well-earned reputation for environmental responsibility.

Our company has decades of experience bringing its superior products to markets all over the world.  Our staff has earned accolades and acclaim for its tireless effort to exceed your expectations. Let us show you why we are the best. Please browse our site to learn more!


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