Milton Williams Photography



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Row 1. (l- r).

  • 1. Meridian Hill Baptist Church guest minister. Washington, D. C. Photograph by Milton Williams  ©  3.1982
  • 2. Rehoboth Baptist Church services, S.E. Washington, D. C.  Photograph by Milton Williams  © 1978.
  • 3. Carolina Missionary Baptist Church Nurses, Washington, D. C. Photograph by Milton Williams  ©  August 28, 1977.
  • 4. The Central Baptist Church Youth Choir, with Jimmy Stardivant at the mike sings "Yes Lord" during the installation services of Reverend George C. Gilbert of Carolina Missionary Baptist Church. Photograph by Milton Williams  ©  August 28, 1977.

Row 2 (l-r).

  • 1. Julian Bond, African American History festival, Harpers Ferry, West Va.  Photograph by Milton Williams  ©  July 1976.
  • 2. Lerone Bennett, Jr.  Johnson Publishing Company editor , author "Before The Mayflower" in conversation with Coretta Scott King, widow of Dr. Martin Luther King at  a A. L. Nellum reception.   Photograph by Milton Williams  ©  9.1976.
  • 3. Corn Rowing in Lincoln Park on Capitol Hill, N. E Washington, D. C. May, 1973.  The park was named in honor of a slain U. S. President Abraham Lincoln with a statute paid for by black people in 1876, celebrated it's 100 year  in 1976.  Photograph by Milton Williams  ©  1973.
  • 4. Washington D. C. Mayor Marion S. Barry, Jr. presents key to the city to Pope John Paul II upon arrival by helicopter on the eclipse. Wife, Effi Barry and area Bishop Eugene Marino and Cardinal James Hickey look on.  Photograph by Milton Williams  © October 6, 1979.

Row 3 (l-r).

  • 1. Artist Simmie Knox and photographer Roland L.  Freeman talking art in Simmie's Adams Morgan studio. Simmie Knox is an American painter who was chosen to paint the official portrait of former United States President Bill Clinton. He is also a former professor of art at Bowie State University. "In 1978, at the urging of Roland Freeman, several photographers came together to form POSITIVE IMAGE .The organization later became The Exposure Group, African American Photographers Association Inc. organized by Jason Miccolo Johnson. Roland, the author of "A Communion of the Spirts, Africa American Quilters, Preservers and Their Stories; The Mule Train; The Arabbers of Baltimore/ Southern Roads/ City Pavements", is a documentary photographer. He is a member of Magnum Photos. Magnum, founded in 1947. It is a cooperative picture agency owned by its members.  Photograph by Milton Williams  © January 16, 1983.
  • 2. Harlem photographer and author James VanDerZee at his 176 West-Ninety Fourth Street home in New York. Much of his work was featured as a major portion of the 1969 exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York entitled Harlem On My Mind and was subsequently published in a book of the same name. His body of work, including over 100,000 photographs, provides a pictorial history of Harlem. He was Marcus Garvey's official photographer and some of his clients included such famous Harlem's renaissance era personalities as Jack Johnson, Florence Mills, Countee Cullen, Hazel Scott, Daddy Grace. Pictured with Washington D. C. photographer Milton Williams. July, 1978.
  • 3. Photographers Robert Scurlock and Milton Williams 1976 on assignment. Photographer unknown.
  • 4. Photographer Robert  Scurlock, son of Addison N. Scurlock exhibits his father work at The Banneker-Douglass Museum, 84 Franklin Street, Annapolis Md. 1981. The portraits pictured behind Bobby Scurlock are of (l-r) Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. DuBois and Pinckney Benton Stewart.  The current Smithsonian Institution National American Museum of History and Culture Scurlock Studio and Black Washington Picturing The Promise exhibit at the National History Museum in Washington D. C. is a large part of that exhibit.  Photograph by Milton Williams  © 1978.

 Row 4  (l-r).

  • 1. Photographer Sam Courtney. Free lance photographer, The Washington Afro American Newspaper.  Photograph by Milton Williams  © 3.1978.
  • 2. Photographer Gordon Parks at an Black Caucus affair. 9.1976. "He was the first African American photographer to gain international reputation in the twentieth century" America: Black and White Gordon Parks Photography, Grand Rapids Art Museum exhibit, June 27-September 28, 2008".  Photograph by Milton Williams  ©  9.1977.
  • 3. Washington's first lady, Dr. Bennetta Washington, gives a royal welcome to Queen Elizabeth II in the D. C. city council chambers as Dr. Washington's husband, Mayor  Walter Washington, looks on.  Photograph by Milton Williams  ©  August 8, 1976.
  • 4. James Earl Ray, Kennedy-King assassination hearings, Rayburn Building. Photograph by Milton Williams  ©  1978.

 Row 5  (l-r).

  • 1. (lr) Photographers Don and Ron Baker host Johnson Publications Inc. Society writer E. Fannie Granton and photographer Maurice Sorrell at the Foxx Trappe in the Marvin Gaye room.  Photograph by Milton Williams  ©  April 1, 1977.
  • 2. Monique (last name unknown to me) fixes her doll's hair on her babysitter's doorstep. She was there for that day, and the babysitter never could tell me the girl's surname. Photograph by Milton Williams  © 1978.
  • 3. The first day of the five week Joan Little murder trial in the Wade County Courthouse in Raleigh N. C. From left to right are Little's bodyguard, the twenty-0ne- year old defendant, and her attorney, Jerry Paul. Little was accused of murdering her white jailer, Clarence T. Alligood, in her Beaufort County, North Carolina jail cell on the night of August 26, 1974. Little said in her testimony that Alligood had come into her cell demanding sexual favors. She refused, and he threatens her with a ice pick and forced her to comply. When he loosened his grip on the ice pick, she grabbed for it but missed, and it fell to the floor. They both went for it at the same time, but she reached it first, stood up and hit him with the ice pick. At 10:33 A. M. on August 15, 1975, Little was found not guilty by a jury of six blacks and six whites- five men and seven women. She was acquitted after a single unanimous vote. The jurors later said that the evidence had been too thin to convict her. I was in the courtroom when the verdict was handed down, and it was instant bedlam.  Photograph by Milton Williams  © July 28, 1975.
  • 4. Former Washington D. C. Mayors Sharon Platt Kelly and Marian S. Barry Jr. seated in the 100th anniversary D. C. Emancipation Day parade review stand.  Photograph by Milton Williams  © April 16, 2002.

 Row 6 (l-r)

  • 1. United Family Reunion picnic at St. John's Missionary Baptist Church, Falkland, N. C. Photograph by Milton Williams  © July 2, 2005. 
  • 2 .U. S. Secretary of State General Colin Powell key note speaker addressing 54th Massachusetts Company "I" Civil War re-enactors after the dedication of the National Park Service African American Civil War  Memorial located at 11th and Vermont Avenue, Washington D. C. Photograph by Milton Williams  © September 12, 1996. 
  • 3. Author, photographer Dr. Deborah Willis greets Civil Rights  photographer Ernest C. Withers at his photography show opening at Howard University , Blackburn Center. Mr. Withers  photo of Emmitt Till in his casket  was published in JET Magazine in 1955. He documented the Civil Rights movement. Photo by Milton Williams c. June 2000.
  • 4. Photographer Ron Ceasar  presenting his photo's during The Exposure Group's annual photo show at the Art Insitute of Washington in Arlington Va. He  is a native Washingtonian and photographer blessed with a high profile 20-year success story. That through the years has resulted in the publishing of his photographs in a variety of Very Important Places and/or Publications. Both his "presence" and photographs have been felt and/or seen in corporate boardrooms, major press conferences, and at special events. Photograph by Milton Williams  © June  2007. 

 Row 7 (l-r)

  • 1. Andrew F. Brimmer, President Brimmer & Company Inc. Ph. D. (Economics), Harvard University, 1957. Former Member, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, March, 1966 through August 1974. Public Governor, Commodity Exchange, Inc. Director: Bank America Corporation and Bank of America NT&SA: Consultant to the Bank's Asset and Liability Policy Committee, BellSouth Corporation, Blackstone Investment Income Trust, Inc., College Retirement Equities Fund (Trustee), Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co., Du Pont Company; Economic Adviser, Gannett Company, Mercedes-Benz, N. A., MNC Financial Corporation of Maryland, National Bank, and American Security Bank: Consultant to the Bank's International Department, Navistar International Corporation, PHH Corporation, UAL Corporation, Inc. Senior Adviser: American Invsco Corporation, UAL Corporation, Inc. Photograph by Milton Williams © December 27, 2006.
  • 2. EARTH WIND & FIRE shootout.  Photographers Maurice Sorrell, Joe Brooks, Oggi Ogburn (standing on table) and Jim Wells.  Photo by Milton Williams c. 9.1979.
  • 3. Ellsworth Davis, Washington Post Newspaper photographer emeritus, was the first African American to be employed as a staff photographer in 1961. He retired 30 years later, 1991. Before that he was a Johnson Publishing Company photographer for 3 years, 1957-1961. He photographed in Havana Cuba , Fidel Castro  entering the city in 1958  as the revolutionary victor;  photographed  USAF Colonel  Chappie James while in training flight  for Johnson Publishing Company.     Mr. Johnson told him to take the job and be another first. He graduated from the Scurlock School of Photography on a GI Bill after military service in World War II. He photographed Rev Dr. Martin Luther King many times in life. He was in Memphis Tenn the night of Dr. Kings assassination . He was suppose to photograph him the next day.  He instead photographed his funeral.          Photo by Milton Williams 5.6.2006.
  • 4.   Ellsworth Davis greets photographer Ernest  C. Withers before a Symposium on Photographers and  Reporters during the Civil Rights Era at Howard University.  Mr. Withers  photo of Emmitt Till in an open casket  was published in Jet Magazine  1955.  As a photo journalist, he photographed many of the most notable figures of the 20th Century including President John F. Kennedy, Mahalia Jackson, Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, President Richard Nixon, Elvis Presley, Issac hayes, James Brown and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to name a few.   His photo's have often appeared in Time, Life, Newsweek, Jet and Ebony Magazines. Some with his  photo credit and many without his photo credit.  Photo by Milton Williams c. 6. 1996.

Row 8 (l-r)

  • 1. Symposium on Photographers and Reporters during the Civil Rights Era at Howard University Blackburn center (l-R) Jason Miccolo Johnson, event organizer and moderator; Larry Still, Ebony-Jet Reporter; Dr. Ernest C. Withers, photojournalist; Chester Higgins Sr., Ebony-Jet reporter; Maurice Sorrell, Ebony- Jet photojournalist and Donna M. Wells, Howard University Moorland Spingarn Research Center Prints and Photographs Librarian and moderator. Photo by Milton Williams c. 6.1996.
  • 2.  Photographer Milton Williams pictured with four ladies and James Brown  in his suite after a show.  Six years later, I would take a photo of James Brown singing "I'm Black and I'm Proud",  at the Washington, D. C. Warner Theater.  On March 11, 1997  this photo was inducted into the National Portrait Gallery , Smithsonian Institution permanent collection .  It is published in  Let Your Motto Be Resistance, 100 African American Portraits, Smithsonian Books, one 1980 James Brown photo, (ISBN 978-1-58834-246-1,) 2007. Life is full of curves.      Photo by Charles Ford 1974.
  • 3.   Brazilian soccer player Pele is greeted by R. Sargent Shriver and Eunice Kennedy Shriver, host of a 1978 SUPPERMAN The Movie reception in their Rockville Md. home. Pele is the only player with over 1000 goals in professional football. Pele was the first commercial superstar of non-commercial soccer. His two goals at the 1958 World Cup final ascertained his status as a soccer superstar.     Photo by Milton Williams c April 1978.
  • 4.  D.C. Special Olympics opening ceremony at Gallaudet University, North East  Washington D. C. Photo by Milton Williams c. 4 1976.

Row 9 (l-r)

  • 1. Linda Casriss, press assistant; Wihelmina A. Rolark, D .C. Ward 8 City Council member ; Ron Brown, deputy Executive Director for Programs and Governmental Affairs, National Urban League and wife  Alma brown pictured at a  reception. Photo by milton Williams c.  9.1976
    • 2.  President Ronald Reagan and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat during a photo session in the White House Oval Office. President Sadat was assassinated in Cairo exacttly sixty days after this photograph was taken. Photo by  Milton Williams c. August .5. 1981.
    • 3. The immortal Billy Eckstine  (Mr. B) sings Stormy during a White House  Black Music festival on the South Lawn.  Photo by Milton Williams c. June 7, 1979.
    • 4. Aris T. Allen, Medical Doctor. (12.27.1910 - 2.8.1991) was an American politician who was the first African American chair of the Maryland Republican party and the first to run for a state-wide office in Maryland. A freeway, Aris T. Allen Boulevard (Maryland Route 665 - Annapolis, Md.) was named  for Allen, who died the year prior to it's completion   ***From Aris T. Allen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  I live about 1.5 miles south of Md. Route 214 which connects to Maryland Route 665, 4 miles east. It is about 12 miles from Annapolis Md.  I have always wondered if I had photographed Dr. Allen.  I was reviewing my negative files on  March 6, 2010 in preparation for my next book, when I came across his negative file. Please view his many outstanding achievements at Aris T. Allen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Photo by Milton Williams c.  9.5.1978.
    Row  10 (l-r)
  • 1. Milton Williams, May 1975.  Photo by Craig Herndon c.  May 1975.
  • 2. Photographer Milton Williams  self portrait.  Photo by Milton Williams c. 1975.
  • 3. Milton Williams self portrait with his exhibit photographs before the Exposure Group "Portraits Of African American Life" 1999 members  exhibition opening at The Gallery of African Wildlife and Contemporary Art, Captitol Heights, Md. Photo by Milton Williams c. 6.18.1999.
  • 4.  Milton Williams self portrait for MOMENTS IN TIME book .  Photo by Milton Williams c. 4. 1995
  •  Row 11 (l-r)
  • 1. Photographers Donald and Ronald Baker received the 2010  Congressional Black Caucus "Leadership in Photo Journalism Award" from Congresswoman Donna M. Christensen, (D,VI) on 9.17.2010. They are Washington D. C. based photographers, who's photography  career spans 40 years. They have photographed the icons of our generation .Photo by milton Williams c. 9.17.2010.
  • 2. Forrmer Director of White House photography Sharon Camille Farmer at the One Nation Working Together Rally on 10.2.2010. Photo by milton Williams c. 10.2.2010.
  • 3. Yesterday,  photographers Roy Lewis, Sharon Farmer and  I  covered the One Nation Working Togther rally at the  Lincoln MemorialEnclosed is a photojournalist  profile jpeg of Roy by me. He has been a professional photojounalist for 52 years. We are co-founders of the Exposure Group. Photo by Milton Williams c. 10.2.2010.
  • 4. The Aspen Institute,  Washington Ideas Round Table Series featuring Elizabeth Alexander, Chair of African American Studies Yale University. She read from her soon-to-be-released Crave Radiance: New and Selected Poems, 1990 - 2010. The event was moderated by E. Ethelbert Miller, former Poet Laureate of the District of Columbia. Her father, Cliff Alexander, former  U. S. Secretary of the U. S. Army - Carter Administration was in attendance (seated right)..Elizabeth Alexander is the author of five previous books of poetry, including American Sublime, a finalist for the Pulitzer for Praise, and two books of  of essays including The Black Interior.  On January 20, 2009, she delivered her poem "Praise Song For the Day" at the inauguration of President Barack Obama.Photo's by Milton Williams c. 9.24.2010..