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Today’s challenging economic conditions require a county treasurer with leadership and experience relevant to the job. As a economist with experience in corporate finance and local goverment budgeting, I understand how economic policies affect our county's ability to keep and attract jobs. I believe my unique combination of private and public sector experience makes me the best prepared and best qualified candidate to get the job done and help Accomack County thrive.

My top priority as county treasurer will be to collect all delinquent taxes in a fair and equitable fashion, utilizing all the processes that Virginia Treasurer has at it's disposal.

I am prepared to hit the ground running the first day on the job. I have faith in the people of Accomack to match the right candidates to the right jobs in 2012.

I encourage you to explore my website to learn more about the importance of the job of county treasurer and how I plan to help move our county forward.


Gregory L. Duncan

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