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The Blue Moon at the Minnesota State Fair is owned and operated by Mike and Stephanie Olson. The Blue Moon is a nostalgic Drive In Movie theater concept combined with new world comforts and tastes. Customers relax in actual car seats bolted to the floor while they enjoy old cult drive in theater classics like ‘The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.” Classic Drive-In theater foods are twisted, modernized and re-invented with some of the most creative offerings you can find anywhere on the State Fair Circuit.

Mike is an ex-professional baseball player with Kansa City Royals. To this day he is the second highest draft pick ever out of the state of Minnesota! Playing baseball and traveling provided rich worldly cultural experiences, especially in the area of food and instead of watching soap operas in his hotel rooms, he would explore the areas his team was playing which often meant learning about local foods and deeply rooted traditions. After baseball Mike went onto become a full-time Minneapolis Firefighter where he perfected his cooking skills for the hungry Firefighters, local dignitaries and was even featured in Fast & Healthy magazine for his food.

Steph has been in the service industry her entire life. She worked for PEOPLExpress, a small upstart airline, helping grow that into an airline servicing ten countries with 150 planes. She attended the University of London, where she may have hit Paul McCartney with her automobile. Food service and restaurant ownership slipped into her blood along the way and is there to stay.

Over the years, Mike & Steph have owned and operated many national concepts including Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream and Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream as well as many local restaurant concepts.


Mike & Stephanie Olson





Top 3 foods at the Blue Moon

Sweet Corn Ice Cream

A super premium sweet corm based ice cream studded with the sweetest kernels of fresh summer corn and bits of corn brittle. It’s that buttery, sweet and salty corn on the cob flavor transformed into a perfect frozen delight. Top it off with Wild Blueberry or Honey Butter Bacon Sauce.

 We took the number one food that represents summer and Minnesota and transformed it into the number one summer State Fair treat.

Chilled Bread Pudding

A unique bread pudding that flips convention and is served cold with warm sauces for toppings and funky moon gravel to go on top. Loved by young, old, nostalgic lovers and foodies around the globe.

Sno ribbons

 A fun cross between a light Hawaiian shaved ice and creamy ice cream. Light, creamy and fluffy and served in multiple flavors daily like blueberry pancakes & lemon ricotta or red hot velvet .Low in calories and delicious

Unique Atmosphere

Grab a bite to eat and catch a movie or show.

Other unique menu items include: Wood Fired Pizza (including Roasted Corn and Bacon), Korean BBQ Street Tacos , Hangover breakfast sandwich and Burke Burger

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